Implant Supported Overdenture

Patients who wear dentures usually require adhesives or pastes to help the denture from becoming dislodged or falling out of their mouths. Dental implants can be used to provide excellent support and retention of the denture so dislodgment of the denture does not happen. The implant supported denture will allow the patient to be able to eat any type of food without fear of the denture moving or falling out of their mouth. Also, the upper denture can be made much smaller by removing the acrylic over the palate. This will allow the patient to be able to talk better and taste their food and beverage as if they had natural teeth.

The images below will give you a better understanding of what undergoes with an implant overdenture.

Six Implants Placed in Upper Jaw/Arch with Abutments/Attachments

X-Ray Showing the Six Implants in the Bone in the Upper Jaw/Arch

The Inside of the Upper Denture
Round Rings Show Where Attachments Connect
Acrylic In the Palate Has Been Removed

The Denture in Place that Snaps Onto the Attachments

The Final Implant Supported Over Denture with Patient Smiling

Are You A Candidate For Implants?

If you are considering implants, your mouth must be examined thoroughly and your medical and dental history reviewed. If your mouth is not ideal for implants, ways of improving outcome, such as bone grafting, may be recommended.