Lateral and Vertical Bone Grafting

SonicPin and Resorb-X Foil Panel Technique

Dr. Burger has developed a technique using resorbable pins that are placed at the area that needs to be bone grafted. The pins hold the tissue away from the bone to allow the bone graft to heal. After five months, your own bone with replace the grafets bone. At this time the site will be ready for the implant.

The advantages of this technique are numerous. There is no need for another surgery to harvest bone from your jaw. There is not need to remove any material because the pins are resorbed after five months. There are less complications because there is only one surgical site and therefore less recovery time with minimal discomfort.

The Resorb-X foil panels are also used in larger areas of bone grafting especially in the upper (maxilla) jaw. The foil panels also resorb within five months.

Dr. Burger has been using this technique since 2008 with exceptional results both in the quality and quantity of bone. The procedure has been published in major scientific journals and presented to the Academy of Osseointegration.

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