Teeth in a Day (All-On-4® Procedure)



TEETH-IN-A-DAY (All-On-4® Procedure) is a revolutionary technique that provide patients with immediate teeth the same day implants are placed. The procedure involves removing all of the remaining teeth that are not restorable or functional and immediately place 4 to 6 implants in front of each jaw to attach a fixed prosthesis with 12 teeth. The advantages of this procedure is that the patient immediately has teeth, bone grafting is not needed, there is no down time waiting for the implants to heal, and there is minimal risk of nerve injury or sinus problems. The patient leaves the office the same day with 12 beautiful teeth per arch.

Below are some before and after pictures of the All-On-4® Procedure.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Final Fixed Bridge in the Upper Jaw with 12 Teeth

X-Ray of the Four Implants Per Arch

Final Fixed Bridge in the Upper Jaw with 12 Teeth

Patients are able to leave the office that day with functional aesthetic teeth. They do not have to wear a removable appliance that can be cumbersome, frequently falls out unexpectedly or causes discomfort. After four to six months, your restorative dentist will take final impressions for the permanent crown or fixed denture. 

Below is an example of a patient that had a tooth in a day procedure. The upper right central incisor was extracted, an implant placed immediately after the extraction and a temporary crown placed on the implant all on the same day. The patient left the office with a temporary crown that was more esthetic than the original tooth.

Kept Falling Off


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