Video Testimonials

Kim is a patient of Dr. Burger’s who came to this office because of a horrible gum disease that was affecting her entire life. From eating normal foods to even smiling and talking to friends, family, and coworkers in a room, Kim’s happiness was diminished greatly. Watch the video below to hear her story and how Dental Implants changed her life.

Millie and Bill are both patients of Dr. Burger’s who attended one of his dental implant seminars in May. They were interested because Millie had a failed bridge and Bill had missing teeth. They both needed replacement teeth; and came to Dr. Burger for surgery. Watch this video to hear the testimony of Millie and Bill Testa and how their life was changed when Dr. Burger replaced their missing teeth. They discuss the process and also how their experience was with Dr. Burger and his staff.

Ron has been a patient of Dr. Burger’s for many years. After seeing his dentist about his teeth problems, he was referred to Dr. Burger for the All-On-4 procedure. In this video testimony, you will be able to see the process of the surgery with Dr. Burger and his staff, how his recovery went, and how this procedure changed his life in the big and the small.

Rick has been seeing Dr. Burger for many years after a referral to receive Dental Implants. He had many broken posts in his teeth and so with concerns that new implants wouldn’t hold, his doubts were soon taken away with Dr. Burger’s surgery and treatment. In this video, you’ll be able to hear about his concerns, how the surgery went with Dr. Burger and his staff, and most of all, how much these implants have changed his life.